Looking back on going live!

Recently, I conducted a live webinar as part of an online course. Having viewed just a couple of webinars prior to this, it was definitely out of my comfort zone. However, like most things in life, this was a good experience for me.

I get very nervous before presentations and this was no different. Thank goodness I had practiced a lot and knew a lot about the site I was sharing. At least I wasn’t fumbling through new information.

The first thing I learned is that when you open an extra tab on your computer and share your screen, the tab you need might just be hidden behind Zoom’s drop down, screen share tab. Oops!

Another thing that I learned is that when I practice too much it becomes almost scripted and I get thrown just a bit if things don’t go exactly according to that script. I think it would be better for me to use talking points and to try to relax and engage with my audience rather than worry so much about touching all of the bases.

I missed a few responses from my participants that I noticed later when I watched the video. (Sorry!) It’s harder than one might think when you are in the moment to make sure to observe every little detail. I think part of this was that I felt like time was flying much faster than when I had practiced. However, I realized after I presented that we had really started a few minutes late while waiting on a few participants. So then when I looked at the clock mid way through I felt like I was further behind than I actually was. Consequently, I zipped through my ending.

Overall, I felt like it was positive experience though. The participants were very friendly and seemed to enjoy and understand the content and that was the point of the presentation in the first place.

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