Why is my audience fishing for information?

When approaching instructional design, keep CARP in mind!

The CARP principles are crucial when creating a visual presentation.  They ensure that the material that presented holds the audiences attention and facilitates the learning and memory of the material presented.

I believe contrast is the most important because it helps to emphasize important concepts within the presentation.  While the other principles are important to the flow of a project, I believe that contrast does the most to deliver the core content to the viewer.  The use of color and size of content specifically draw the eye and focus of your intended audience towards important concepts.

Alignment is important in your presentation because it adds structure and organization to a project.  Following this principle ensures that your presentation or slide is easy to follow and looks and feels well planned out.

Repetition allows your viewers to feel a comfort and familiarity within your project.  When there is a bit of predictability within a project, viewers are more likely to be able to find information that they are looking for and more easily absorb the information. Topic headings are clear and distinguished from content for example.

Proximity also adds to the organization feel of a project.  Within this principle I feel one of the most important concepts is including enough blank space in a project.  Always remember that less is more.  Especially in a slide presentation, viewers don’t want to see slides that are filled with text and read to them.  Keep it simple.

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